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Always sailing with the wind

Sailing & Relaxing
Enjoy real sailing on the rio Sado and explore the natural beauty of the sea
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  • Sailing with the wind, be a sailor

  • Relax & enjoy the Rio Sado, Arrábida & Troía

  • Explore the natural beauty of the estuary Rio Sado & Arrábida

  • Complementary coffee, a glass of wine, healthy & salty snacks and a muscatel

  • We make pictures so you can relax & enjoy

Sailing along the beautiful coastline of Tróia & Arrábida or into the astonishing estuary of the Rio Sado, depending on the weather & wind. Immediately after departing the dock we hoist the sails so you can enjoy the silence and the sounds of the wind & waves. You can relax and enjoy the sailing and natural beauty or you can be a real sailor setting the sails and steer the boat. Most often the dolphins come to swim along our sailing boat jumping & playing loving our bows because we really sail and do not use the noisy and dangerous engine in their presence. We serve a coffee, a glass of splendid wine from the region Setúbal and a cup of muscatel de Setúbal.



Family & Friends
A private boat party to give your family & friends an unforgettable sailing day
Celebrate a private party with Family & Friendfs on the Green Dolphin
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  • You decide on the highlights of the day!

  • A perfect sailing day with family & friends

  • Relax & enjoy

  • Delicious foods & drinks from the region Setúbal

  • We make pictures so you can relax & enjoy

Minimum of 12 guest (max 16)

Create an exclusive and unforgettable day enjoying & celebrating a special occasion with family & friends. We discuss with you what you want to do that day: active sailing, swimming, catching & cooking seashells, watching flamingos, sail the coastline of Arrábida & Tróia, sail deep into the estuary of the rio Sado, sunset with wine & oysters, a sailor's lunch, a captain's diner. Sail a morning, an afternoon or even a full day from 09:00 to sunset.

up to all day


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