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Captain Peter

My father took me sailing to the beautiful estuaries of Holland since I was a baby. Ever since, the love of sailing and the sea have become my big passion. Several years ago I departed Holland for a sabbatical sailing journey to sail to the Caribbean, or maybe even the world. During the first part of my journey I found love in Setúbal and fell in love with the beauty of the Rio Sado, Tróia and Arrábida, ending up settling here with my love & my passion.


As a man of the sea I have great respect for nature and the environment. If we can sail we will sail; no noisy engine, no dangerous propeller. I get all the energy I need from the sun and use as little potable water as possible. 


It will be my honour & pleasure to show you the beauty and hidden treasures of the estuary of the Rio Sado, the dolphins, Tróia and Arrábida while sailing in complete harmony with nature.


The Green Dolphin

A couple of years ago I bought the 'Green Dolphin': a 39 feet catamaran designed and built in Italy.


With a draft of only 2 feet she is able to sail the amazing estuary up to the last shallow creek, drying out in the middle of the nature enjoying the beauty of the estuary to the max. We can take you to beautiful spots where no-one else can sail.


I spend a lot of time refurbishing the catamaran, bringing her ecological footprint to a bare minimum and decorating her with ideas from my artistic girlfriend. I invite you to come take a look inside at the result!

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